The Various Uses Of Ginger Around The Home

Ginger is known principally today for its culinary uses but it has also been used through the years for its aromatic properties in a range of products such as pot-pourris, pomanders, diffusers, candles, air fresheners and furniture polish.

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OXO Good Grips® Ginger Peeler

Manufacturer Description: Unlock the flavour of fresh ginger with the OXO Good Grips Ginger Peeler. Its contoured stainless steel blade removes the tough outer peel while preserving the juiciest part of the ginger just beneath the peel. The blade’s pointed tip fits into small corners and crevices to easily remove the entire peel, and the soft grip fits comfortably in hand.

Ginger art print

Ginger art print


Poster reproduction of a ginger seed packet from the Big Island Seed Company of Hawaii.

Burnt Ginger & Cocoa Bean Fragrance Diffuser

Burnt Ginger & Cocoa Bean Fragrance Diffuser

from Kiarie

Retailer Description: This fragrance has a delightful warm and comforting aroma with tones of burnt ginger that blend so well with the succulent blend of rich cocoa bean. The scentissimo sticks will fragrance your home for at least two months.

Did You Know?

In Diocletian’s day (Roman Empire 285-305AD) a pound of ginger cost 5,000 days pay but by 1875 it was only 1.4 days pay. (Prof.John H.Munro)

Open quoteShe was looking about her for something and now saw a jar on the mantelpiece which she reached down and gave to Rachel. ‘If you put your finger into this jar you may be able to extract a piece of preserved ginger. Are you a prodigy?’

But the ginger was deep and could not be reached.

‘Don’t bother,’ she said , as Miss Allan looked about for some other implement. ‘I daresay I shouldn’t like preserved ginger.’

‘You’ve never tried?’ enquired Miss Allan. ‘Then I consider that it is your duty to try now. Why, you may add a new pleasure to life, …

Close quote
The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf
Ginger Jars

These jars have been used to store ginger for over 2200 years. Originally from China, these porcelain objects are now used for a variety of purposes such as umbrella stands, flower vases or simply as objects in their own right.

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