Ginger Beer - The 4th Hole

You have spent years working in golf. You have made feathery golf balls and hickory clubs. You have caddied. You have encouraged and supported your sons to make their chosen careers in golf a success. You have even tended the greens at the Old Course in St Andrews. So what do you do when the time has come to retire? Why, you set up a stall at the fourth hole of the Old Course and sell ginger beer!

That is exactly what David Anderson did way back in the mid 19th century. Widely known as “Old Da”, “Auld Daw” and “Auld Da”, Anderson has become better known in golfing history for his on-course retailing exploits than his earlier career.

It is not known why Anderson set up his stall at the fourth hole but he has become so inextricably linked with it that it is still known as the “Ginger Beer” hole.

The Kingarrock Golf Course, near to the Old Course in St Andrews, is offering two unusual game packages. On completion of your round you will receive a ‘Da Anderson’ ginger beer and some Edwardian-style shortbread.

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