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Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

This refreshing drink has an attractive golden colour with just the right amount of fizz to quench your thirst. An initial mild herbiness gives way to a pleasingly strong burst of ginger and lemon which leaves a warm ginger aftertaste. The only way to improve this drink would be to cut down on the artificial sweetener. It contains 4% ABV.


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Fentimans Launches Cool Ginger Beer (29-Mar-2012)

Fentimans has launched a cool & less fiery version of its traditional ginger beer. The new drink is called, unsurprisingly, Cool Ginger Beer and will be available in the familiar 275ml bottles. It has been botanically brewed with Chinese ginger.

Australians To Launch Ginger Lager Soon (24-Jan-2012)

Next month will see the launch in Australia of a ginger-infused lager. XXXX Cloudy Ginger Beer has been developed by Lion Nathan, one of Australia's leading alcoholic beverage companies. Brewed to appeal to the more adventurous drinker, the drink uses the popular Summer Bright Lager. The brewer will produce a limited run of 23,000 cases to test the market.

New Launch For Jeremiah Weed Ginger Beer (10-Jan-2012)

Diageo has relaunched its ginger-flavoured Jeremiah Weed Root Brew to compete with the hugely successful Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Launched late last year in the UK with little fanfare, the 4% abv bottled beer is said to be best served in a jam (or mason) jar over ice. It is made from ginger, fruit alcohol, spirit & flavours.

Gingerbread Ale Released In Canada (21-Dec-2011)

The Vancouver Island Brewery has released Dough Head Gingerbread Ale but only in Victoria, British Columbia. This limited edition seasonal beer has been brewed to celebrate the best of the Christmas period. Brewer Chris Graham has used ginger, clove and cinnamon to create a beer which tastes and smells like a gingerbread cookie.

Scottish Ginger Beer For Australia (17-Nov-2011)

Scottish brewer Williams Brothers has started to export its alcoholic ginger beer to Australia. Launched in the UK two years ago, this 3.8% abv beer is brewed using malted barley, fresh ginger root, malted wheat and lemon juice. The beer will be distributed by Brook Brothers.

New Ginger-Spiced Real Ale Launched (02-Aug-2011)

Wychwood has launched a ginger-spiced real ale for the off-trade market called Ginger Beard. The 4.2% abv beer was previously brewed as a cask guest ale for pubs. Although the Ginger Beard character on the label is a seven foot tall giant, we think it is Gimli from The Lord Of The Rings. We have a bottle so a review will follow shortly.

Crabbie’s Launch New Variants (02-Mar-2011)

Halewood International has launched two new variants of its famous John Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. One is John Crabbie’s Diet Ginger Beer which has 1 calorie per 100ml serving. The other is John Crabbie’s Twist of Orange Cloudy Ginger Beer. Both contain real ginger extract and natural lime.

Ginger Beer To Be Launched (28-Feb-2011)

Stone’s, the leading ginger wine maker, is to launch an alcoholic ginger beer. Described as “refreshingly feisty”, Stone’s Ginger Joe will be available from the end of February. The drink is named in honour of the founder of Stone’s, Joseph Stone.

Grandma’s Ginger Beer Selected (21-Dec-2010)

Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer has been selected by Oz Clarke and Hugh Dennis to appear in their new one-night only pub. The pair are scouring the British Isles for the best independent drinks in a new BBC programme called Oz and Hugh Raise The Bar.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale Is Back (16-Nov-2010)

The Great Lakes Brewing Company has released its annual Christmas Ale again. Brewed to 7.5% ABV, this winter warmer has added fresh ginger. The four-times gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships will only be available during November and December. Unfortunately, those of us outside of the USA will again miss out on this eagerly awaited treat.

Fentimans Launch Alcoholic Ginger Beer (23-Oct-2010)

Fentimans, famous for their traditional botanically brewed soft drinks, has launched an alcoholic ginger beer. Hollows Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4% ABV) is made with 100% natural ingredients including Chinese root ginger and pear juice, and is free from all artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.

Princes Launch Ginger Beer (19-Oct-2010)

Princes Soft Drinks is launching a range of traditional soft drinks under the Barraclough name which includes a ginger beer. The launch follows a resurgence in traditional food and drink products, which have seen sales of ginger beer grow 8.3% year on year. The new products, available in two litre bottles, are made from natural colours and flavours and contain no added sugar.

New Beer Launched In Alabama (17-Oct-2010)

A Belgian white beer brewed with fresh ginger has been launched in Huntsville, Alabama. Yellowhammer Brewery, formed in the autumn of 2009, has brewed Yellowhammer White (4.8% ABV) with fresh ginger, lime leaves and Amarillo hops.

Crabbie’s Launch Alcohol-Free Ginger Beer (04-Oct-2010)

Halewood International, famous for the popular Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, is to launch an alcohol-free version called John Crabbie’s Cloudy Ginger Beer. The drink will reach soft drinks shelves later this week.

Ginger Beer With Breakfast? (28-Jun-2010)

Have you ever fancied an alcoholic ginger beer with your breakfast? The Phoenix New Times has compiled a list of 10 beers to accompany breakfast and a ginger beer comes in at number eight. The ginger beer in question is Left Hand Brewery Juju Ginger Ale. We’ve never tried it but it does sound as though it would go rather well with a full English.

Traditional Ginger Beer Is Top Of The Pops (07-May-2010)

Traditional ginger beers, reminiscent of childhood favourites, are enjoying a renaissance. A report in The Grocer magazine says that consumers are switching increasingly to healthier, additive-free drinks made from natural ingredients.

Launch of Frank’s Ginger Beer (23-Apr-2010)

Cider of Sweden, the Belfast-based UK subsidiary of Sweden’s Kopparberg Brewery has announced the launch of Frank’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It is a blend of traditional Swedish lager and the finest ginger.

Michelob unveil a new ginger wheat beer (30-Mar-2010)

Michelob, the US brewer, has unveiled a ginger wheat beer which is only available as part of the Spring Sampler Pack. It has been brewed with barley & wheat malt, hops, citrus peel, spices and ginger. It doesn’t appear to be on sale in the UK.

Fentiman’s launch a new ginger beer

Fentiman’s, famous for their Traditional Ginger Beer, are launching another ginger beer in March 2010. The new Cool Ginger Beer will be less spicy, have a smoother flavour and contain nothing but organic ingredients.

Ginger beer chosen as a silver finalist

Ginger beer from Fentimans North America has been chosen as a Silver Finalist in the cold beverage category of the 2009 sofi™ Awards of the National Association for the Speciality Food Trade. “We are honoured that Fentimans was chosen by some of the leading epicurean judges in the industry,” said Craig James, CEO of Fentimans North America.

Open quoteI must say ginger beer is a gorgeous drink – it seems to go with everythingClose quote
Julian in ‘Five Run Away Together’
Enid Blyton (1944)

Did You Know?

Ginger beer was a favourite drink of the fourth and eighth incarnations of Doctor Who. Read more…

Ginger Beer Bottles

Up until 1835 most English-brewed ginger beer was consumed locally. With the introduction of a new stoneware glazing technique called Improved Bristol, ginger beer could now be exported.

Did You Know?

The term ginger beers was originally a slang term for engineers but was subsequently used to identify the Royal Australian Engineers Corps.

Open quoteThere would always be weighty inquiries as to what they could have, and it would work out always at cold beef and pickles, or fried ham and eggs and shandygaff, two pints of beer and two bottles of ginger-beer foaming in a huge round-bellied jug.Close quote
The History of Mr.Polly
H.G.Wells (1910)

Did You Know?

One of the national drinks of Surinam is gemberbier, a non-alcoholic Creole ginger beer. The Surinamese Creoles are the mixed descendants of West African slaves and European (mainly Dutch) settlers.

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