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Heuchera ‘Ginger Ale’

Heuchera ‘Ginger Ale’

from Westcountry Nurseries

We couldn’t resist this lovely evergreen ground-covering perennial.

Ginger leaves with hues of lime and cream with a silvery, metallic veil covering the surface. Ginger flowers with a hint of pink in spring and summer. Every time you look it seems to glow with a different shade!

Lamb’s Spiced Rum

Lamb’s Spiced Rum


Retailer Description: Lamb’s Spiced is a new expertly blended golden Caribbean rum with natural flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and lime. It’s perfect for making a long drink with either ginger ale or cloudy apple juice but is also delicious sipped over ice. Comes in the distinctive Lamb’s hexagonal bottle.

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Ginger Ale Availability Extended (01-Mar-2011)

Coca-Cola has announced that it intends to market Seagram’s Ginger Ale across the USA. With demand for ginger beverages on the rise, Coca-Cola has decided to use its extensive distribution system to significantly increase availability of the popular ginger ale.

Crabbie’s Launch Ginger Mixers (25-Jan-2011)

Halewood International, famous for the popular Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, is to launch a range of ginger mixers. John Crabbie’s Clear Dry Ginger Ale and Fiery Ginger Beer will be added to the company’s non-alcoholic portfolio. The products, which will be available in time for Burns Night, will be targeted at ABC1 men and women in the 25-55 age group.

Wine & Ginger Ale Cocktail (03-May-2010)

This month will see the launch of a new cocktail to coincide with the 2010 World Cup. Gallo Rosito, from Gallo Family Vineyards, will be a mix of their Grenache Rosé, ginger ale and red berries.

Open quoteGimme a whiskey, ginger ale on the side. And don’t be stingy, baby!Close quote
Greta Garbo as Anna Christie in Anna Christie (1930)

Did You Know?

Drinking ginger ale is an effective home remedy for settling stomachs and reducing nausea. Gingerol, the active constituent of fresh ginger, has been found to block the serotonin receptors in the stomach which cause nausea. But for this to be effective it is important that you choose a product which contains real ginger, not the synthetic form.

Did You Know?

The use of Canada Dry Ginger Ale as a mixer started during the Prohibition years when it was found to hide the taste of illegally made alcoholic drinks.

Open quoteWhoever takes just plain ginger ale soon gets drowned out of the conversation.Close quote
Kin Hubbard (US cartoonist & humourist)

Did You Know?

Reed’s Inc, the USA’s only beverage-maker to brew its soft drinks, uses over a million pounds of fresh ginger every year.

Did You Know?

Flat ginger ale is used as a substitute for whisky in film scenes.

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